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Kate Hate
Give Gosselin Mom a Break

By Joanna Cattanach, Editor
Thursday, 27th August 2009

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Kate Gosselin. Ewwww. Her name sizzles on the screen. With appearances on Larry King Live, the Today Show, a profile in People magazine and the announcement that she’ll be a co-host on The View, it’s hard not to notice the Pennsylvania mom.

While Kate makes the rounds of the talk show circuit, steals the covers of magazines, and is making a concentrated effort to reinvent herself as a new single mom (at the same time her ex is busy sealing his image as a horny has been), she’s gaining a host of detractors and ex-fans tired of the mega mom’s overexposure.
But has our “Kate Hate” gone too far?
Blogs like Gosselin Without Pity provide a public forum for others to discuss the show. “We want the public to have the entire, truthful version of Jon and Kate's current situation so that, if they choose to donate, they are doing so under full disclosure. We want the children to stop being forced to live in a fishbowl on a studio set with a hectic and demanding production schedule breathing down their necks all the time,” they claim.
The site dedicated to protecting the kids lets hundreds of contributors bash on Kate, calling her pushy and emotionally abusive to her kids. (I’ve been a teacher of eight or more toddlers. I’m sure what I had to do to get those little rascals to listen to me might be considered emotionally abusive by some like “I’m gonna count to 10” moms.)
Kathie Lee Gifford told Larry King that Kate needs to rethink the cameras and the exposure, “The spotlight is something that you can walk in and out of with particular ease if you're in this business. You know. But the microscope is a completely different thing. And the microscope burns everything in its way,” she told King.
I think that’s a good point. Kate and the kids are under a microscope and her husband isn’t respecting them with his behavior. And like men do in divorce, he’s able to restart with another woman (in his case women) before the divorce papers are signed. And Kate, like many women in divorce, is forced to take on the role of fuller time parent (they do split custody) and, more importantly, the worse role of being a divorced, single mom. How many men are just dying to date a divorced mom with kids? Really?
The reality is that most divorced, single moms will have a harder time finding a new love and starting over. It’s not right. It just is. And while Kate’s explaining to eight kiddos why Daddy isn’t home, he’s busy flaunting younger women around. Rebounding from bed to yacht to Ed Hardy with little thought of what that kind of documented behavior is going to do to his kids. He’s friends with Michael Lohan for goodness sake!
For now, Kate Haters, give the girl her 15 minutes. She deserves a chance to win back her self respect, to not come off as the dumped loser in a very public divorce. And too often women in divorce with kids are losers: they lose their husband, part or all of their household income, often their self respect, sometimes their way and once and awhile their best friend who runs off with their ex!  
Look, we may not like her for getting couture makeovers in People and guest spots beside Barbara Walters, but she’s getting to do what thousands of divorced, single moms can’t always do: win!   

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