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What is the Difference Between a Modem and a Router

In today’s world, computer networking equipment market offers both the wired and wireless devices that there should be no wonder in it as to why some technologies can be confusing at times. What makes it even more puzzling is the fact that many of these devices use similar techniques which perform identical functions, and require the same sort of cables.
Routers and modems also come in the list- right next to access bridges, repeaters, and several other networking devices.

What is the Difference Between a Modem and a Router


As a name suggest, it is a shorthand expression which is designed for the technical process that the device performs that is both modulation and demodulation. In early days, the term modem was used to describe a method that transformed speech into analog signals which transmitted over telephone line cables. Since then, this term has been broadened to explain the wide variety of devices to perform both the modulation and demodulation in its primary sense.

What is the Difference Between a Modem and a Router

How it works

A modem includes a physical connector with a coaxial cable which is installed in your home. That cable typically exists in the home with a hole and is tunneled around or underneath the house until it reaches a cable distribution box which is mounted on home exteriors. An additional cable underground connects this box to the service provider node which is mounted on a nearby utility pole.

Modems include lights in their front so that you can see what is going on. One light indicates that the unit is getting power, one shows that modem is successfully sending data and one shows that it is receiving data from internet service provider. And then there is a start of troubleshooting scenario: if both the send or receive lights are blinking, then the internet service provider is having issues or something wrong is happening with the outside connection. Another LED is indicating that weird devices are accessing the internet.

Make a note of it, that modems are not just for cable connection. Broadband can be served with the help of a Digital Subscriber Line(DSL). DSL is slower than cable-based broadband and is also useful in rural areas where phone lines already exist, but there is no infrastructure supporting cables which are based on TV and internet services.

Whether the router is designed for cable-based broadband or DSL, the four Ethernet ports are used for wired devices with a port. These include laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, printer and more. If you want most of your broadband connection, using these ports for your hardware is the ultimate option, primarily when the port supports the speed of more than one gigabit per second.
Modulation and demodulation are the two process where signals traveling between different networks are converted into different modes for transmission over cables or other media.

It is the modem’s work to revert and convert the signals traveling from one LAN over the Internet infrastructure to another LAN.


Routers are computer networking devices which serves two essential functions: first is to create and maintain a LAN and secondly to manage the entering and leaving of data over the network. In more simpler words, a router is a post office of the networking world. As it received data packets from all around the internet, it is organized to end devices within that LAN.
Once set up and ready to go, a router creates a LAN. A LAN is a network that interconnects multiple end devices within a small area such as an office or home. Devices which are connected to LAN can interact with or share data with each other and can also gain access to the internet if the connection is available.

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How Routers Works

As routers are network devices which transfer the data packets along networks by determining the paths of systems. Best gaming router identifies the road to different networks such as transportation, telephone, and electronic networks. It works in two ways either with the help of a control plane or forwarding plane. In control plane, the router acts as a more neat and smart way. It sends the data packets to their desired specific location. While on the other hand, forwarding plane, a router does not need to remember the sending or receiving information of data packets. The primary and primary objective of the router is to deliver the data packets. The forwarding decision takes place at the data link layer of the OSI model. To make a better connection, you must have best routers.…

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good thing about social media

5 Things You Should Know About Social Networking & Search Engine Optimization

Social networking and Search engine optimization have evolved through the years. These fields now cover wider aspects and contents and provide greater than they accustomed to. These dynamic fields have observed numerous major developments and changes.

Currently, internet marketing solutions and Search engine optimization are becoming quite relevant within our lives. From the company’s perspective, social networking and Search engine optimization are very vital aspects of marketing.

search engine optimaztion

The function of social Links searching ranks is unclear in the end!

Marketers happen to be concentrating on social networking in their Search engine optimization strategies, presuming that social signals and metrics associated with recognition on social networking have a tendency to lead to some website’s ranking more than an internet search engine.

Social links are viewed to lead to some website’s search rank. However, the standards examined to look for the rank of the website on the internet search engine continue to be unknown. As the common belief shows that social links really improve a website’s search rank, there is a fair chance they don’t.

Google doesn’t consider a website’s social signals

Google hasn’t had the ability to define their stance correctly. Matt Cutts, a director at Google, mentioned that they don’t consider Twitter and facebook signals within their ranking algorithms, that is unlike common beliefs but who’re we in the future incompatible having an associated with the internet search engine itself.

While Matt Cutts attempted to determine Google’s stance over social signals, it remains unclear till date. Studies claim that while Google could decide to not consider social signals within their ranking algorithms, they’re highly unlikely to disregard them.

So, what am I saying? Does Google utilize social signals to be able to determine looking ranks? Still unclear.

However, that does not imply that Google won’t change their stance about this particular factor. They might or might not alter their strategy and algorithms to support social signals searching ranking.

Another factor worth mentioning here’s that Matt Cutts, in 2014, revealed that Google wasn’t involved with crawling or indexing for Twitter and facebook, however, he hinted that crawling, indexing and understanding identities on the internet might be considered for lengthy-term.

Bing ‘DOES’ consider a website’s social signals

While Google unsuccessful to determine and keep their stance, another fairly popular internet search engine, Bing, has clearly revealed that they consider the social signals and just how frequently a hyperlink continues to be tweeted or retweeted. So taking it into account, you need to choose making social signals. Attempt to increase your Instagram and check out getting good Twitter retweets.

Good Thing About Social Media

Current trends claim that users have begun leveraging social networking channels to look for people, companies or perhaps queries. People may really look for a company or perhaps a personality more than a social networking funnel rather of the internet search engine.

Reported by OnlyOnlineMarketing, Twitter (a famous social media platform) handled 19 million searches this year. That’s 5 occasions what Bing (a famous internet search engine) recorded.

Furthermore, this year, Facebook revealed that they were given around 1 billion searches each day, that’s an excessive amount of for any social networking funnel.

Thinking about the present trends and details, it may be stated that social networking channels have really become search engines like google along with a fair quantity of consumers have a tendency to trust these channels as search engines like google.

Social networking profiles rank searching engines

First, let’s discuss the need for rank searching engines. Fundamental human psychology and customary beliefs claim that profiles (or websites) which are rated greater searching engines can be more credible and much more reliable.

Moving forward, social profiles influence the information of the search engine results. Search engines like google consider social profiles as vital elements searching ranking along with a significant social presence on a couple of social media platforms causes it to be simpler for somebody to uncover you.


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