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Cowboys Cheerleader Reunion

I wonder how much fun Susy Solis had interviewing former Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders for last night’s story on the cheerleader reunion at the new Cowboys stadium. Featured former pom pom pounder Cheryl Gates  held her Shih Tzu (which appeared to … Continue reading

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Michigan: Cows, Pies, and the Girl Who Sticks Out

I’m headed to Michigan for a week long vacation/family reunion thing. It’s always nice to be among Michiganders in the summer even if I am the odd ball in the family photo. Most of the Dutch/German relatives don’t look like … Continue reading

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Playboy Bunny Reunion Tonight in Dallas

A group of former Playboy Bunnies will gather tonight for a bunny-reunion of sorts and they’re looking for ladies who donned the suit, the ears and puffy tail at the Dallas Playboy Club from 1977-1981. Former bunny Karen Criswell Drennan has … Continue reading

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She Stalked Her Birth Son on Facebook, My Birth Father Did the Same in Letters

A post by Shannon Des Roches Rosa at Blogher.com describes her journey as a birth mother secretly stalking her son on Facebook. It’s wonderfully touching to me.  I too was “stalked” by my birth father. Not through Facebook but through letters … Continue reading

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