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Over Te-Blown: Super Bowl Ad Focuses on the Family

It was hyped, discussed and blogged to death, but the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial was hardly the controversy it was made out to be. There wasn’t a “pro-life message” but rather a pro-family message of a son hugging his mom. … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Adbortion: Tebows In, Planned Parenthood Out

University of Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow–whose mother was advised to have an abortion and did not–will be featured in an pro-life ad set to run during the Super Bowl. The ad is supported by groups like … Continue reading

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Protest Planned at “Abortion Super Center” in Houston

Conservative news service CNSNews is in a tizzy over a new 78,000 square foot Planned Parenthood facility in Houston that they claim will be an “abortion super center.” The facility is an old bank that will include a surgical wing equipped–the news service … Continue reading

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Abortion Economics: Clinic in Dallas Offers More Late Term Services, Bryan Clinic Struggles to Find Paying Clients

I know it’s crass to talk about abortion in economic terms but there’s no other way to describe these two stories. In Bryan, Texas they can’t seem to get enough abortions (the real money makers) at the local Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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Stupid man-post forced me to leave pissy comments

So I’m surfing the web looking for awesome content to share with you ladies when I am across this. Poster Tim the Enchanter at Uphill Snowballs thought it’d be funny to talk about a “Job of the Day” as a clinic … Continue reading

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