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Bedford Church Pre-School Rejects Lesbian Couple

Four-year-old Olivia Harrison was dismissed from St. Vincent’s Cathedral School in Bedford after school administrators called her parents in to discuss someĀ ”confusing” informationĀ on the toddler’s application form. “They wanted to know the situation of Tracy and I and what role … Continue reading

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Chelsea Handler: Dallas Full of High-End Lesbians

Chelsea Handler did a recent stint on The Jay Leno Show (boo, hiss) and said, “There’s a big lesbian community in Dallas,” reports Uncle Barky, “and it’s really funny because they’re like very high-end lesbians and so close to all … Continue reading

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When it Comes to BFFs, Don’t Forget the Lesbians

We all have great gay boys in our life that are our secret confidantes, our friends, and if we could set ‘em straight, our ideal men. But gay girls also have a lot to offer when it comes to friendship … Continue reading

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