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Life Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards, And Why We Can’t Hate John

Rest in Peace seems most appropriate for a woman whose life was anything but restful or peaceful. Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday after a long fought battle with cancer. It seems all the more sorrowful that she posted a goodbye message to Facebook … Continue reading

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Rielle Hunter Breaks Her Silence on “Johnny” Edwards

Rielle Hunter finally gave an interview to GQ. And before you read it, prepare yourself. I’m sorry if I sound judgmental but I refuse to feel sorry for John Edwards’ mistress. The photo of Hunter in GQ shows a thin woman, her daughters … Continue reading

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Should Elizabeth Edwards Dump John?

First he denied having an affair, then about fathering a child with his mistress, and had Dallas lawyer Fred Baron help him conceal the child by hiding the mistress. But in a New York Times article,  John Edwards associates said he’s getting closer to declaring … Continue reading

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