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Michigan: Cows, Pies, and the Girl Who Sticks Out

I’m headed to Michigan for a week long vacation/family reunion thing. It’s always nice to be among Michiganders in the summer even if I am the odd ball in the family photo. Most of the Dutch/German relatives don’t look like … Continue reading

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My Family Has Hijacked My Facebook

I knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time. But yesterday it finally happened. My mom requested me as a friend on Facebook. She’s still pending so I have time to blog this (and delete if from … Continue reading

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White Moms: Are They Better at Raising Black Children?

Can I ask a very personal question? Are there no black mothers or Hispanic mothers or Asian mothers capable of caring for and raising a black child in America? Yes, I said it. And in today’s feature piece, “White Moms: Are … Continue reading

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Dallas Police Officer’s Family Suing Hillary Clinton

Remember Victor Lozada? The DPD officer who died in an accident while serving in Hillary Clinton’s motorcade in 2008? His family is now suing  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and Super Seer Corp., the company that manufactured officer Lozada’s helmet, … Continue reading

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I am Thankful for Changes and Not Being Pregnant Anymore!

What Am I thankful for this year? Witnessing an accomplishment that I never thought I’d live to see: an African-American President and First Lady represent the epitome of the American Dream by living large and in charge in the White House. It’s given … Continue reading

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Do Strong Black Women Hurt Their Kids?

It’s a question we’ve asked before on this blog before and one that got contributor Lorrie Irby Jackson to thinking. In her piece on the homepage today, she answers the question with a resounding no. After a divorce from her … Continue reading

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Study Shows Women Become More Unhappy With Age

Interesting column by Maureen Dowd on unhappy women and surveys that say the number one reason women are unhappy are kids, but women won’t admit children make them unhappy. Another reason for unhappiness over stimulation or Red Bull feminism: women doing … Continue reading

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