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Do You Care What Your Dallas Morning News Columnist Looks Like?

D Magazine editors have long complainedabout Dallas Morning News columnist Jacquielynn Floyd’s newspaper mug shot. Her old picture (the one that accompanied her Metro columns for years) showed a much younger Floyd. Anyone who’s ever met Jacquielynn knows her hair … Continue reading

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DFW’s Smartest and Dumbest Criminals

The Dallas Morning News has two stories today that show the depth of the criminal element in this city. The first is serial car robber and heroin addict Charlie Perez. According to The Dallas Morning News, he’s “a one-man crime wave” who … Continue reading

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Dallas Morning News Columnist Has Twitter Imposter @FakeSteveBlow

Dallas Morning News Metro Columnist Steve Blow is on Twitter. Well, at least a version of him is. A (honestly) fake Twitter account has been set up in his name @FakeSteveBlow. And they (sounds like a guy) really has Blow’s grandpa grammar … Continue reading

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Plano Family Fights to Get Husky Off Dangerous Dog List

I guess being labeled a dangerous dog is the animal equivalent of landing on the sex offender registry. You’re blacklisted in your community, harassed by police and it’s nearly impossible to get off the list. I know. I know. It’s not … Continue reading

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Dallas Morning News Food Critic Diet

Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner faced a challenge last Thanksgiving: your job is to eat tons of food but you want to lose weight at the same time. So how does a 40-something newspaper food critic do it? … Continue reading

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Democrats “Tire” of Republicans Playing Chicken in Dallas DA Race

If you wondered why there was a chicken sitting outside the Dallas Morning News propped up on four cinder blocks yesterday, this is why. Turns out the Republican candidate for district attorney, Danny Clancy, and his wife have been the … Continue reading

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Dallas Morning News ‘Milking’ Readers for Information

The Dallas Morning News has developed a city-wide milk chart and they’re asking readers to help track milk prices in their neighborhood. The effort comes after milk gallons for 99 cents were discovered at Aldi, the discount grocery chain. Suspicious, The News then, … Continue reading

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Pick Up This Sunday’s Dallas Morning News!

Ramadan ends this week and I wrote a perspective piece on what it’s like to be a Christian fasting during Ramadan in a mixed marriage. You can read the article in this Sunday’s Points section of The Dallas Morning News (paper edition) or online … Continue reading

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DMN To Charge for Online Content, ChickTalkDallas.com Will Remain Free!

The Dallas Morning News will start charging for a portion of online content including reports by paid staff writers as well as Dallas Cowboys news. The new charge-to-view (or block if you don’t pay) format will begin within the next six months reports News and … Continue reading

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Minority Teachers Are “Role Models” But Whites Aren’t?

Texas needs more minority teachers as role models for increasing number of minority students The Dallas Morning News reports. Recent studies have shown that students with minority teachers have improved in school, on testing and have a greater chance of … Continue reading

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