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Got Fresh Meat?

I’d like to say I didn’t totally suck last night at my first roller derby practice, but that would be lying. I did not fall, and that’s certainly saying something for “fresh meat” like me. Any newbie to roller derby has … Continue reading

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I’m Trying Out For Roller Derby Tonight

I’m trying out for roller derby tonight. The Assassination City Roller Derby team has invited me to practice as “fresh meat” and I’m excited and a little scared. The girls I saw at the recruitment party over the weekend looked … Continue reading

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Proud NOT to Be a Mommy Blog!

The Dallas Observer’s piece Moms Gone Wired by Alice Laussade is one more reminder of why I am glad this in NOT a mommy blog. Laussade talks about the power of mommy bloggers who Nielsen categorizes as: Savvy Spenders, Mom … Continue reading

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No Hearts No Worries

Not seeing hearts this Valentine’s Day? No worries says contributor Alexis Ashcraft. There are things Dallas/Fort Worth chicks can to do this Valentine’s Day to ensure that you have an amazing time too. Here’s her fabulous list of fun activities and … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks and Other Thanksgiving Musts

It’s T-minus three days and counting until Thanksgiving and I’m ready to get my bake on. But this week is a week of giving thanks and I’m asking contributors, friends and passersby to leave a message of thanks either here … Continue reading

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When it Comes to BFFs, Don’t Forget the Lesbians

We all have great gay boys in our life that are our secret confidantes, our friends, and if we could set ‘em straight, our ideal men. But gay girls also have a lot to offer when it comes to friendship … Continue reading

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Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is this Saturday and it’s time to par-te! In case you haven’t gotten your costume yet, or don’t know where to go this all hallows eve, we’ve compiled a list of activities on our calendar AND here’s a list … Continue reading

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Amelia Earhart Movie Tonight

It’s Amelia movie night! You all are invited to come and see the film with us at The Magnolia in the West Village tonight at 7:50 p.m. Check out the story in Pegasus News about the fashion finds at area vintage … Continue reading

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Join Chick Talk Dallas Oct. 23 for Amelia!

The movie Amelia is coming out Friday, Oct. 23 and we are hosting another Chick Talk Dallas movie night to celebrate the woman-centric film directed by Mira Nair. Nair directed The Namesake and Mississippi Masala. I love, love her work. She … Continue reading

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Bitter Mom Warning: Your Kind Aren’t Welcome

Contributor Joyce Coody Smits writes about a species of women known as, “Bitter Mom – an alarming specimen who seems to be turning up more and more often in the Petri dish of Parentville.” Smits says there are different types of Bitter Moms: … Continue reading

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