Dallas Moms: Do you tip your child’s day care teacher?

Dallas moms, I have a question. Do you tip your child’s day care teacher(s)? I received a written request for a “monetary love offering” from my child’s day care in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week this week. And I’ve spent the last few days flustered, wondering what I am supposed to do. Frankly, I’m a little offended for being asked to give money. At Easter, I made a basket for the teachers, and I probably would have given them some sort of similar gift this week. I thought about just ignoring the note, but they have mentioned it in the room as I have picked him up. Now, I’m stuck. If I don’t give, what happens to my kid? And if I do give, how much do I give? Does the senior teacher get more? Do I have to tip more even though my child is there the shortest amount of time each day? Ugh! It makes me angry to even think about it. And concerned about when another appreciation or honor day or holiday comes up, and when I will be asked to give again.

Look, I understand how hard it is to make a living on a day care teacher’s salary. I was a pre-school teacher for years, but not once did I ever ask for or receive cash as compensation for caring for someone’s child; that was called my pay check. As a teacher now, I am prohibited from taking any sort of gift or love offering or even a peppermint from a student, and I believe that’s how it should be. On the other hand, times are tough and if my son’s teachers are struggling, maybe this is the bonus they need to keep coming to work, to keep taking care of him. I get that. It’s hard to earn extras in childcare settings. But I pay an insane amount in tuition so asking me to give on top of that just doesn’t seem fair. So tell me why I hit the ATM this morning anyway? As much as I want to take a strong stance on this, I gotta think of my kid. Moms, tell me this isn’t the normal policy at all day care centers? Because I can’t afford to tip every teacher for doing her job!

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One Response to Dallas Moms: Do you tip your child’s day care teacher?

  1. Kristen Shear says:

    It’s not routine, Joanna. We have our girls in a private home versus a center, though, so I’m not sure what it’s like at Centers. Rather than “tip” Ms. Jeane, we give her cards throughout the year, plus fresh veggies from our garden, presents at Christmas. We feel that she’s an incredibly big and special part of our day everyday – not just on Teacher Appreciation day.