Local Knitters Send Crocheted Uteruses to Lawmakers

Uterus: governmentfreevjj.com

Little late on this but wanted to give a shout out to the local ladies knitting uteruses for Governor Rick Perry and other lawkmakers who they say have cut funding for necessary health care for women including access to birth control. Dubbed “The Snatchel Project”, the nationwide effort, spearheaded by Government Free VJJ, is calling on women knitters and crotcheters to send a message to lawmakers: leave our baby makers alone.  ”Here’s your own uterus; now keep your hands off mine,” Oak Cliff resident Kimberlyn Crowe told WFAA last week. She is one of a group of local ladies participating in the effort. The knitted uteruses (or uteri) sort of look like faceless baby dolls with braids, but Government Free VJJ offers knitting patterns for other female parts. “You know what? When somebody laughs, they open up,” Crowe told WFAA. “And when you open up, you can begin a dialogue, and you can find your common ground.” Knit one, purl two to that!

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