Dallas Social Scene Subject of Two New Reality Shows

Dallas will be home to two more reality series. Bravo’s: Most Eligible Dallas and the Style Network’s: Big Rich Texas which will explore the Dallas social scene. Wait. Dallas has a social scene? Since when do rich, lazy white women with nannies and fake boobies and blond hair constitute a social scene? I guess if they add drinking and a camera crew at a country club and throw in the token minority or NFL football player’s wife then maybe.  I guess that means I’m not in the scene then, huh? I just actually live in Dallas and represent the oh, I don’t know, 90% of Dallasites who don’t live this lifestyle.  Big Rich Texasis, “a 10-episode docu-series about five wealthy mothers and their daughters at an elite country club in Dallas,” Broadcast and Cable reports. ”In addition to the one-of-a-kind personalities and 24/7 drama, what separates this series from the bunch is the unique focus on the mother-daughter relationships that fuel their lives,” Salaam Coleman Smith, president, The Style Network told B&C. Did they not see Dallas Divas & Daugthers. Flop-tastic mess! Two more shows will also be filming in Dallas but for Network TV incuding Good Christian Bitches for ABC and the Dallas remake for TNT. And there is rumor Big D will soon land its own Real Housewivesseries. I know the women in these shows will represent our fair city (and the surrounding suburbs as they so very rarely live in Dallas) with the kind of reality show dignity we’ve come to expect. Gosh. Ain’t it great to be a Dallas woman? When the very worst of what this city has to offer (in terms of catty-shallow-drink-throwing-uber-rich-oblivous-mean-spirited women) is what the American reality TV audience gets to see. But then again that might describe most of the reality TV show audience as well. Hey, take your 15 minutes, ladies. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll respect you any less for being on reality TV.

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