FREE PUBLICITY: Hosting a Super Bowl Party, Spa Special, Sale etc.?

It’s Super Bowl countdown and I’m putting together a “Girl’s Guide” to this week’s Super Bowl events (for locals and visitors). If your company, business, client is hosting ANYTHING Super Bowl related, send me an email (see contact info. below) Please keep in mind that this site is mostly for ladies. And we do not like to pay $1,000 to get in to anything, don’t like cover charges, and we are not strippers for hire (as the previous post might suggest!) Look, we all want this event to be fun, but I got my girls’ backs. Yes, I’m talking to you promoter man who told a local station the best way girls can get into parties was to dress skimpy. I’m blogging not pimping. If ya’ sound skeezy, your guest list is skeezy and you just want free booty at you bowl party, rent escorts! Ladies, I know you want to have fun (especially visitors) but there are losers and douche bags in every town and bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do? when they….feel up you skirt–drop a ruffie in your drink–and try to score a touchdown in the bathroom in a bad part of Dallas you shouldn’t be in! Broads before bros! Peace. 

EMAIL me: If you’re a friend of our Facebook fan page you can post info. there, too! Note: The “Girl’s Guide” will be something posted locally and shared nationally, so it’s a good idea to plug your event any way you can.

Subject line: SUPER BOWL 
Web page and/or Facebook link:
(Press releases are fine, art is even better!)

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