Super Bowl Rivalry Pits Dallas Against Fort Worth

“The big difference between our friends to the east and Fort Worth is in Fort Worth, the” – shi*t — “is on the outside of the boot,” former Dallas Cowboy Walt Garrison said during a press Wednesday, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Guess the whole idea of team spirit and the Metroplex winning in this Super Bowl season is down, well, the crapper. As both Fort Worth and Dallas gear up for the big game, the rivalry has heated up between both Dallas and Fort Worth as mayors and business owners have started counting coup. Fort Worth: ESPN  in Sundance Square. Dallas most of the A-list parties and the NFL experience (and bragging rights as most news reports still say the Super Bowl is going to be held in Dallas this year). Red lights for AFC in Fort Worth, blue lights for NFC in Dallas. But is all this blustering really going to be good for Super Bowl business? I know we’re both host cities but we’ve got to live with each other after the game, too.
I’m down with a little good natured ribbing and we have long since held a genteel rivalry on both sides of the Trinity River it’s getting a little personal now. ”I had to live in Dallas for nine years,” Garrison said yesterday during a press conference with Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. “Nothing against Dallas, but Fort Worth is more my kind of place because people in Fort Worth can understand me, for one. And ya’ll have a lot of fun over here.” I get what Mr. Garrison is saying. My loyalties are also divided. I was born in Fort Worth and lived there as a young child. But I’m a Dallas girl now. Today I’m blogging in Uptown today next to a guy who had tofu delivered to his coffee table at Borders! (Fort Worth girl in me can’t believe that either!) But I don’t take to kindly to people bad mouthing  the new city I call home! And for the record, Mr. Garrison, my sh*t don’t stink.  Dallas and Fort Worth residents have a duty to give our visitors the best Texas sized Super Bowl experience they’ve ever had. The joy that we have in the Metroplex is that you can get a little bit of everything. Big blondes and big boobs in Dallas, friendly how do’s and cow pies in Fort Worth.  And when people board the planes back to Greenbay and Pittsburgh, I’d like them to say those North Texans sure no how to throw a good party! Let’s keep that in mind.
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