Sister Wives: Why Can’t Women Take More Than One Husband?

One blogger at sees the beauty in TLC’s new series Sister Wives. “Think about it: There are four wives to share in the raising of the children, four wives to share the sex duties, four wives to tend to housework. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole community to help you through disagreements? If there were another wife around in my house, maybe I would actually be heard for once! And the kids? Since there are thirteen of them, they’ll likely raise one another, freeing their moms to have some much-deserved private time. Oh, and the wives all sleep in separate bedrooms, meaning that each one sleeps alone several nights a month. Alone in bed?! What a dream ….” I avoided the show and watched a very depressing and disturbing episode of Mad Men but I still feel TLC is trying to make polygamy popular again.

Sister Wives follows the plural marriage between husband Kody brown “a grinning, blond polygamist” with three (he now has four) wives and 13 children. Meri, 39, Janelle, 40, Christine, 37, and Robyn, 31, are a “normal” family and they want to raise “moral and ethical” children. The wives (and Kody) have done a round of interviews and they all want people to accept their lifestyle as not strange. They want to show that polygamy isn’t such a bad thing. It’s not all women in prairie skirts with abusive husbands and strange Mormon principles. But the Browns are from Utah. The Sister Wives aren’t alone. There’s a web site,, dedicated to the ins and outs of polygamy centered dating and another blog, Happy Poly Wives, about the bond of sisterhood and shared husbands.

Did you watch the show? What do you think? Are we all just secretly laughing at these people who are trying very hard to seem normal, to sound normal, to dress normal but who are in reality freaks of a special kind. I understand the logic behind their madness but how do you explain to your kids watching the show when they ask, “Why is that Daddy married to all those Mommies?” It’s disturbing to know that they think this is an OK lifestyle and one that is acceptable for children to be exposed to. They’re teaching their young daughters that fidelity for men isn’t important, that “normal” is sharing your man and his love and his time with another woman because he (not you) wants it. They’re learning to be submissive and easily manipulated women from their mothers and from their shared father. And their sons are learning that they can take women like possessions as long as they keep then as wives. Their daughters can’t do the same. Why not? If the Browns are so down with plural marriage why aren’t the women taking more husbands? That’s a TLC series I’d watch.

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One Response to Sister Wives: Why Can’t Women Take More Than One Husband?

  1. SegoLily says:

    I actually really enjoyed this show. I had no idea that polygamy could be like that. It seems like the cooperation and team approach would be very efficient and easier for many things (did you see the yard getting cleaned?) Could it be that these women are more independent and have more freedom than normal wives?? I’m not saying that it’s for me. Polygamy has been so brutalized over the years. I guess it shows that the human heart is capable of loving more than one person only. Like a widow who marries a second husband, I don’t think she loves him any less than her first husband.