On the Nile River

DSC00010The Nile river cuts through Cairo, a murky meandering water stream of faloukas, kayaks, boats and people. We rent a falouka, a sail boat and make our way out into the river. Ahead, the Cairo tower glows at night, its pineapple basket weave dotted with lights is a flashy reminder of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s attempt to build the biggest building in Cairo. It’s since been dwarfed by other structures but tonight its one of Cairo’s many glowing buildings cutting through the heated haze this evening. There’s no wind one captain tells us, but another crew is willing to row out into the river and anchor in front of the Hyatt. We sit in the darkness talking and relaxing. You can bring your own food and wine out here and in a city of such chaos this is a calm oasis. I stick my hand in the river just to say that I touched the Nile. It’s warm, brown liquid oozes around my fingers. Later, we book a ride on another boat–the Nile Maxim, a river boat that offers a three course meal, dinner (singers whirling dervish, and a belly dancer men can’t get enough of). It’s the perfect end to a Nile adventure.

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