The Feminine Nature

retroWriter Christy Robinson borrowed the book Fascinating Womanhood (and participated in a fascinating experiment) by Helen Andelin and shed her 2010 marriage for a 1963-retro flashback as a housewife. Here’s what she discovered about herself and her marriage. The Feminine Nature,” for me, is the most outrageous chapter in the book. Here’s the setup: It begins, “In the feminine nature there’s a kind of weakness, softness, and delicateness. The feminine woman is inclined to be trustful, adaptable, and fearful … In addition, she has a spirit of sweet submission, and a dependency upon men for their care and protection. There is no male aggressiveness, competence, or fearlessness, no male air of command, no masculine strength or ability.” Because, as the author says elsewhere in the book, no man wants a woman who can “kill her own snakes.” Men would surprise us with diamonds, sweet whispers and that always-elusive knight-in-shining-armor fantasy if we would simply stop doing manly things like working and wearing pants. In order to pull this chapter off, I had to move its basic ideas up a few decades, otherwise believability would be nil. I wanted to unleash the spirit of this chapter on our very 21st century, egalitarian, often reversed-role marriage and see if it would still create some fascination. My goals were to adopt a softer, gentler tone and manner. Be more dependent on him for tasks traditionally considered “manly.” Wear just enough makeup around the house as to appear fresh and more feminine in comparison to his burly, bearded man-face. Pepper carefully-constructed comments with words that refer to his manliness and my relative helplessness. … A definite change in behavior, but subtle. Read more about Christy’s experience here.

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