News Site Says It’ll Compete With DMN, Star-Telegram

dfwtribune-thumb-225x141The Dallas-Fort Worth Tribune is reportedly headed our way. They are advertising for reporters at the Texas Workforce Commission web site and boast that they, ”will be competing for market share with both the Dallas Morning news and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram with a full news staff comparable to the aforementioned newspapers. Highly competitive salary.” Pay starts at $900 a week (sadly, more than I was making when I left my newspaper job) and they prefer 10 years of  experience. Right now the web site goes to a beta site for the Gouverneur Times named for one of the country’s Founding Fathers Gouverneur Morris, a New York born American statesman with a pegleg, who promoted the idea of a single union and who was called the ‘penmen of the constitution’. He allegedly lost the leg in a carriage accident but some evidence suggest his leg was crushed after he jumped from a window trying to escape a woman’s jealous husband. (Sorry. The history buff in me couldn’t help but look him up.)

If you’re a desperate journo you may want to pay attention to the news quality here. Take a look at the opinion columnists who include: Chuck Norris, Michelle Malkin, and Oliver North among others. The Dallas Observer points out that the New York-based owner, “Scott Reddick, spoke at a Nationwide Tea Party Coalition get-together in Irving in January on the subject of “Launching Your Own Online Local Conservative Newssite.” Hmm. I don’t know if competition is the right word. It looks like a conservative online rag going for a conservative audience in Texas. There’s a market share for more conservativeness? Here? Go figure. But hey, you can make a whole $900 a week. That’ll keep those big city metro reporters on their toes.

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One Response to News Site Says It’ll Compete With DMN, Star-Telegram

  1. Helena Handbasket says:

    I used to work for those people, Kes Media LLC, a/k/a, but I had to resign after they stopped paying me. They owe me a lot of money. I turned them over to the New York Department of Labor.