The B(lame) Game

cpcoupleIt happens in every relationship at some point. Typically, the first sign is about six months in when you’ve finally gotten comfortable with the idea of your significant other, you’ve packed on close to five pounds and suddenly look up on Friday night and notice that you’re in your pajamas, your hair is in a pony tail and it’s 10 p.m. and both you and your significant other are dozing on the couch as another episode of that show with the models, and money and idiot people telling the bald guy “Deal or No Deal” is  playing on the television.

It’s not easy admitting that the lack of fun in your life has less to do with a lack of fun in life but more to do with you. And cable television. When you reach these points in your relationship—and it happens again and again—it’s harder and harder to address. How do you accept your lameness? How do you justify a Saturday night spent watching the History Channel? And how do you not take it out on your mate  when that inner rebel 20 something is screaming for release in your 30/40/50 something body? (See today’s article on the homepage “The B(lame) Game“.
I’m not sure what the answer is or how best to call out my lame demon in the name of fun, but I spent most of the weekend angry at myself for not being cooler, younger, hipper, chicer etc. And have determined that lame is a matter of perspective. Do I wish my social calendar was full? That my phone as blowing up with calls from friends, “Hey, where are you?”  That our date nights were out of this world craziness followed by a night of sweaty passion?
Sure. But here’s the thing. I am where I am in my life. And we are where we are in our relationship. And lame as it may be, it’s not up for anyone else to judge including me. So far all my lame ladies (and gents) out there, stay strong! Wear you pj’s with pride. Play your Farmville on Friday’s like a crazy MoFo! Match your outfits. Talk about your cats. Enjoy early dinners and movie nights at home. And bitch about the neighbor girls who come in late and puke on the curb. And remember that you are leading your life—not the neighbor girl’s or your friends on Facebook who always seem to be having more fun than you.
I’m OK with lame, but I’m not ready to give up that 21-year-old party queen just yet. She just doesn’t get to make as many appearances or use her credit card at the bar or wear as short of skirts as she used to any more. But she lives. And she has tons of photos of her cats. And she and her husband love The History Channel.  And she is not lame!
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