Christiane Amanpour: Coolest Correspondent on CNN Signs Off

77vb9kr5Christiane Amanpour is a legend in my eyes. She’s the brunette Barbara Walters with depth who doesn’t ask stupid questions like where you lost your virginity or what things “feel” like to make you cry. She is one of the few women in this world who can sit across from a dictator and look him in the eye and call him a dictator and not get sent to jail. I’ve always appreciated her in depth coverage and special reports on the Middle East in particular. Her foreign background and knowledge of the region always lent an authenticity to her stories that other journalists simply couldn’t touch. So, it’s sad to see her leave CNN after 18 years as an international correspondent to take the chair on ABC’s This Week, the cooler, hipper Sunday round table held in the Newseum not some stuffy studio. I can’t wait to see her and George Will! ABC’s gain is CNN’s loss. Who’ll replace her? Oooh. Mee! I mean, I’m traveling over there this summer anyway. Why not? Psst. CNN call me!

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