Vibrators at Wal Mart and CVS?

vibrators-dot-com_2057_21916284That’s what this New York Times article says.  Michael Winerip writes, “Fifty-three percent of women and nearly half of all men report having used a vibrator, according to two new national surveys from Indiana Universityrecently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.”  Once considered “masturbatory machines” for “sexually dysfunctional females” in 1974 by The Journal of Popular Culture, Winerip writes that 81 percent of women 91 percent of men who’ve used  a vibrator have done so with a partner. The author says vibrators are now sold at Wal Mart, CVS and 7-11. Yeah, I can see that not being awkward. “Could you hand me a pack of Marlboro Lights and the pink SnugglePuss?” I did a quick search 0030234030160_500x500at all three stores online and the only item I came up was this shown in the photo to the left. And the nearest one to me is 100 miles away the online search function says. What’s becoming more popular are passion parties where women from all ages including recovering cancer patients buy goo gags to get their groove back. Naa, I prefer these. Joking aside, I have to wonder if this is a good thing. Staying interested in sex and keeping your partner interested with you is a challenge but are discount dildos the answer? And with so many toys available to us why are sooo many couples still unable to find satisfaction with their partner? With oils and lubricants and battery operated plastic pieces being inserted into you are you even having sex anymore? Maybe I’m a prude but I’m not down with the vibration generation. I’ll order it occasionally (and do have a very,very tiny goody drawer)  but I prefer it in the flesh. What about you?

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2 Responses to Vibrators at Wal Mart and CVS?

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  2. Tina says:

    cant belive you can just walk into wallmart and buy a vibrator. Years ago you could only buy them out of the back pages of my husbands naughty books.