Laura Miller and Jerry Jones: Pat on the Knee Sexist Controversy

jonesCowboys owner Jerry Jones blamed former Dalls mayor Laura Miller for the team’s move to Arlington during a speech this week at SMU’s Athletic Forum. ”When I met with Laura [Miller], I told her we just had to look at a project the size that we were discussing, which was a $600 million project at the time, not $1.2 billion,” Jones said. “And she patted me on the knee, and I said, ‘Laura, I can do this somewhere else. I know I can.’” Then mayor Miller said, with a pat on the knee, “Well, Jerry, I believe I’d just go do that,” The Dallas Morning News reported.  Miller later sent an e-mail to WFAA-TV (Channel 8 ) and said, ”The only person I’ve ever patted on the knee is my husband.” I know there’s a lot of anti Laura haters out there, and I can’t say that I’m exactly a fan of the former Mrs. Mayor, but I found the “pat on the knee” reference very interesting. Not that she did (or didn’t) do it, but that it stuck in Jerry Jones’ mind some five years later. Miller doesn’t remember the knee pat, but by God Jerry Jones does. I bet know one–except his momma–has ever patted Jerry Jones on the knee. Ha! A little reverse sexism and he holds a grudge for five years and moves his whole damn stadium to Arlington, pissing off every Dallas-based fan in the process. I know the knee pat didn’t do in the Cowboys deal, but the fact that Jones remembers the conversation and the motherly tap-tap (yes, little Jerry you go find a new place to play) says a lot about him. Why Jerry Jones would take such offense or even remember the incident boggles my mind. Maybe he’s not used to a woman standing up to him or not shaking pom-poms when he walks into the room. But those two seconds when Laura’s hand dared to touched Jerry’s knee are seared in his memory (why you little b—!”) As a woman, I’ve got the virtual pat on the knee lots of times and often by male superiors. I’ve had an arm thrown across my shoulder when a male boss asked me to walk him down the hall, I’ve gotten pats on the shoulder, told my ass looked good in those jeans and the head cocked sideways in mock sympathy by men, ”Well, that sounds good for you.” Me, the little girl. The little woman. The cute thing. The idiot female. It happens ALL THE TIME to women, especially if you’re a young woman in a male dominated environment. It happens when I go to get my car repaired. At the meat counter. It happens anytime a man sees me and assumes because he’s a man of power or influence that I’m a sexual object or inferior idiot.  And yes, Mr. Jones, it is a bitch!

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