Twitter Update: Angela Hunt Gives Birth to Daughter

L09HuntCouncilwoman Angela Hunt gave birth yesterday and her husband Paul (Sims) tweeted the delivery of their first daughter. Congratulations Angela, Paul and new baby Audrey. But as happy as I am for the family, I wonder if knowing how far my councilwoman’s cervix has dilated is just a little too much information? I know you need to reach out to your constituency but are there some things that voters just don’t need to or want to know? The Hunt’s didn’t get down to the nitty gritty of the birth process. And she’s certainly not the first Dallasite to Tweet her birth. Singer and Dealey Plaza strip artist  Erykah Badu  and boyfriend Jay Electronica tweeted the home birth of their child contraction by contraction last year. Twitter has taken the place of home videos–the kind your friends want to force you to sit down and watch after the baby arrives. Now, the Tweets just appear and you can’t excuse yourself from the process. But I don’t want to be a hater. I’m happy for the Hunt/Sims. I didn’t even know she was preggers. And if it weren’t for the Tweets I wouldn’t have. Still, you won’t be getting Twitters or blogs from me when my D-day comes. I’m all about being public and open but that’s something I really want to be private between me, my husband, the doctor I’m screaming at and that’s it.

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One Response to Twitter Update: Angela Hunt Gives Birth to Daughter

  1. Congrats to the lady in Red!!!!!