Are 19 Kids Too Many?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar/

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar/

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar stars of the hit TLC series 19 Kids and Counting  just had their 19th child and baby Josie is currently in intensive care. The family has moved temporarily to Little Rock Arkansas to be closer to Josie but the Duggar’s say they aren’t ruling out having another child. In an interview with People magazine, the Duggar’s said they’re just grateful Josie is here and doing well, “We don’t know if there is going to be another big hill to go up,” said Michelle. “We are grateful for the wonderful days when she has been good. We know at any moment, things could change.” At 43, Michelle has been pregnant almost half her life. And the Duggarssay that children are a gift of God aka no birthcontrol. The obvious question we all have: when will she stop? I do understand that children are a gift of God, but God raised some of his children up to become doctors and chemists who created a thing called birthcontrol. Are we women who take birth control baby killers or messing with God’s plan for us? My husband and I want to have a child soon and I don’t feel I’m being a bad Christian for waiting until we’re ready. Are women who pop out baby after baby following God’s will by raising a ton of gifts at the expense of their own health? Blogger vyckie is a mom of multiples and says the spell of children is addictive, “You see, once a woman’s mind grasps the concept of “trusting the Lord” with her reproductive life ~ absolutely nothing is ever simple or obvious again. The Quiverfull philosophy is an alluring and powerful spell ~ and the woman so enchanted feels the euphoria of the “Big Happy Family,” she is seduced by a vision of chivalrous men and genteel ladies, tempted by the promise of God’s protection and provision, and she knows the sheer ecstasy of inhaling deeply the ambrosial smell of yet another newborn.” But she says Michelle and others similarly  brainwashed are being taught biblical practices that are centered on having more children, “So it’s no surprise that despite preeclampsia, gallstones, and a micro-preemie baby, Michelle’s still determined to leave it up to God whether there’ll be a twentieth Duggar baby or not. That she ought to stop now is glaringly obvious to everyone but Michelle and the Quiverfullers who are similarly beguiled.” I think the Duggars are good parents. I think they are good examples to their children but I do not understand their reproductive philosophy. The biblical principles the Duggars and other Quiverfull families–Christians raising large families–follow are not mainstream and frankly some of them I think have been subjected to conservative interpretation. I don’t agree with what the Duggars are doing but then again they wouldn’t think too highly of my “pop a pill stop a sperm” philosophy either.

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One Response to Are 19 Kids Too Many?

  1. Jacqueline says:

    As a Christian, you should know that the birth control pill, patch, ring, shot- all of those chemicals- THEY CAUSE ABORTIONS:

    Even women who are not opposed to contraception are opposed to abortion and are disheartened to learn that they’ve had abortions and not even known it. As a Christian, I’d hate for you to enter Heaven and meet your children who died because the chemicals in the pill had killed them in their earliest stages of life.