Sexy Cucumber Upsets Dallas-area Residents

DSCN0044The billboard off Interstate 35 in Lancaster between Parker and Belt Line Road showing a flying cucumber with a stunned expression on his face and the message, “Stop Vegetable Abuse,” has got some Dallas County residents boiling. Confused? The bright yellow billboard also includes the web site for Condoms To Go and Sara’s Secret–two lingerie and sex toy stores in the area. NOW do you get it? Rebecca Blake didn’t think it was funny when her daughter spotted the sign on the way to church, “We saw a big billboard with a cucumber on it and a face and it said ‘Stop vegetable abuse,’” Blake emailed NBC (Channel 5). ”My daughter Sara said, ‘What’s that? Stop vegetable abuse?’” Blake had four teenagers in the car with her at the time, “For them to have to be exposed to something like that in a very public place is just uncalled for and offensive,” she told NBC. Gary Krupkin president of both Condoms to Go and Sara’s Secret told NBC he’s seen an increase in sales since the ad went up and compared to other businesses who advertise sex, his scared cucumber is tame, “Our billboard is certainly not as graphic as a lot of billboards I’ve seen advertise gentlemen’s clubs,” Krupkin said. It’s more subtle than what you find in the entire back half of the Dallas Observer too. Both web sites have advertised links about the billboard and posted the cucumber commercial in case you were still wondering what “vegetable abuse” is all about. CBS 11 describes the commercial this way, “The television ad also features a moving cucumber looking for a place to hide.” Very tongue in cheek if you ask me.

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Chick Talk Dallas is the hatchling of Joanna Cattanach, a former Dallas Morning News staff writer/news assistant. A graduate of Baylor University, she currently works as a freelance writer and writing instructor in the Dallas area where she, her husband and baby son call home. Follow her on
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7 Responses to Sexy Cucumber Upsets Dallas-area Residents

  1. kshear04 says:

    Geesh! People are so ridiculous. The woman who’s upset needs to just tell her child that it’s adult humor and leave it at that. Her daughter will understand when she’s older. Until then, get over it. It’s actually quite funny and much tamer than many of the ads on TV or the Internet these days.

  2. Finley says:

    I have to agree – we’re allowed to pass by huge billboards that have half-naked girls everyday! A simple age appropriate response is all thats called for!

  3. Destiny says:

    The whole ‘there’s worse stuff out there’ argument is tired.

    You’re defending an advertisement that is right off of a public highway which thousands of children travel on a day. Just because there are equally or more offensive sights to be seen does not justify the crude humor of this ad.

    There will always be something worse, and once we start arguing and rationalizing things in that light it is a very slippery slope.

  4. JP says:

    People who complain about this kind of stuff just need to learn how to communicate with their kids about it instead of trying to rid their area of it

    And puleeze, this is tame.

  5. Destiny says:

    Furthermore, as a feminist I also find this ad offensive. To suggest that the general population of women stick vegetable into their vaginas because we are just so damn horny is appalling to me. I for one have never used a cucumber, carrot, or bushel of celery in this manner even once but yet this commercial leads me to believe that most women have. Is this true? Am I simply sheltered? Because if so I will withdraw my feminist argument and simply stick to my motherly one.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    It’s incredible profane and perverse. And I don’t think photos of beautiful women used to sell strip clubs are worse at all- they are photos of attractive women. In fact, just a cucumber on a billboard isn’t offensive to me, it’s the implication.

  7. Brandon says:

    For all of those saying it’s “tame” or “learn to talk to your kids”, you are not only insensitive and egocentric, but you are perverse and desensitized. It’s time to grow up. This ad is yet another example of a seemingly infinite list of things wrong with society.