Why do women stalk men?

satc-s05-ep67_lYesterday, I called, emailed, texted and annoyed potential members, clients and people I want to know about Chick Talk Dallas. It’s necessary at the beginning of a business but after the 20th call or so I flashed back to a darker time. A time when I was a stalker. I admit it. I helped friends too. We’d do a drivebys. I’d slow enough for her to check to see if his car was there and speed away. I’d pass by this one guys house every night. I had friends call from a number he didn’t recognize to see if he’d pick up. It’s sick. I remember thinking I’m being a whack job yet I couldn’t stop. And I didn’t even like the guys that much. I’d go the bars/places I knew a guy would be at. And I’m not alone. In college, a girl posted notices about a football player’s STD in all the buildings he had classes in. And I know people who continue to cyber check their exes on MySpace, Craigslist and set up fake emails so their ex won’t suspect it’s them. So, what makes us turn so demented? Is it because we got burned (literally sometimes) or because we just get mad?  What have you done that could be “stalkerish”?

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Chick Talk Dallas is the hatchling of Joanna Cattanach, a former Dallas Morning News staff writer/news assistant. A graduate of Baylor University, she currently works as a freelance writer and writing instructor in the Dallas area where she, her husband and baby son call home. Follow her on twitter.com/ChickTalkDallas.
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